Return to reporting was just what my stalled career needed

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The past year has helped me rediscover writing and photography. Why I took an eight-year break from it I will never know. Above is Jean Penney Harris of Clemans View Farms in Naches.

Originally published in May 2017 (updated)

If you haven’t seen me around town as a reporter over the past year, you’ve probably at least seen my byline.

I’ve been on the Business Times staff since September 2016, handling a mix of production and editorial responsibilities. For the past 12 months or so, I’ve been the only byline on our pages.

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Yakima Meal Preparation Business Growing Its Reach


Originally published in December 2017

The idea started in his own kitchen.

Now, Victor Munguia is leasing commercial kitchen space just to keep up with demand.

Over the past year, the owner of Transform Meal Prep has taken his at-home healthy eating concept and developed it into a burgeoning nutrition company.

After starting out last winter with just one primary client — Achieve Fitness in Yakima — Transform is now partnering with six health-conscious businesses in the Yakima Valley and the Tri-Cities to deliver low-calorie prepared meals to hundreds of clients.

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Styles For Students Program Offers Kids Incentives, Not Stuff 

styles for students_2

Originally published in December 2017

“You can keep your pencils.”

In a way, the origin of Styles For Students can be traced back to that comment made by local barber J.D. Mares.

The Yakima School District’s incentive program for high schoolers began last year as a way to reward students for good attendance, grades and citizenship.

But until Mares and his staff started talking about incentive program ideas with Omar Santoy, there was no Styles For Students.

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Popular West Side Beauty School Opening Soon In Yakima 

evergreen beauty_3

Originally published in December 2017

The owners of Evergreen Beauty College have thought for years that they might like to open a new location east of the Cascades. They just didn’t know where.

All it took was a visit to Yakima a couple years ago and the Trieu family was sold.

“We went out to Miner’s and saw a bunch of families eating together, which you don’t see very much on the west side,” said company president Joe Trieu, who runs the business with help from his two brothers, his sister and their mom.

“We started thinking that our culture fits well with the family culture in Yakima, and my mom said, ‘we should open a school here.’ So we started looking around at some possible locations and finally found the right one.”

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