Yakima Barbers Know The Right Culture Makes The Cut


Originally published in July 2017

Sometimes it doesn’t take long for the new guard to replace the old.

In the Yakima barbershop fraternity, the transition has taken less than 20 years.

Since Micahn Carter opened the city’s first urban-style barbershop, Yak Town’s Finest, in the late 1990s, a number of younger, hipper shops have come and gone.

The only other shop whose modern style compared back then was Jagz, which opened in 2001 and continues to have a devoted clientele on Summitview Avenue.

Carter closed his shop in 2012 to become a well-known pastor with the Together Church, but a number of his proteges continue to have a strong local presence.

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Small-Town Life Has Power To Teach Us What’s Really Important


Originally published in August 2017

OK fine, I admit it. I’m a small-town guy.

It has taken me about 16 years — my whole newspaper career — to accept this reality.

But the longer I spend away from the big city, the less I want to return.

Just give me an occasional weekend visit to Seattle or Portland and I’m good.

It wasn’t always this way, though.

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Remembering The Good Times Helps Us Manage During Times Of Grief

chachi boy

Originally published in June 2017

Losing your best friend is never easy.

Human or pet, the deeper the bond, the more difficult it is to move on.

Parting with those closest to us is rough, but we find a way to go on with life.

Everyone experiences loss, and most of the time, things get better with time.

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Yakima Cab Driver Still Has Plenty Left In The Tank 

taxi driver1

Originally published in October 2017

It doesn’t take much to get Jerry Patton talking.

The longtime Yakima taxi cab driver has seen it all during his half-century behind the wheel, so he rarely misses a chance to share his experiences with anyone who asks.

“A cabbie learns something new every day,” said Patton, owner of Diamond Cab Co. “Every customer is different and they all have a story to tell. When you meet that many people all the time, you’re going to have a lot to talk about.”

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Spartan Sports Complex In Granger Begins To Come Into Focus 


Originally published in September 2017

Ryan Stonemetz is going all in on Granger.

The Lower Valley businessman and high school wrestling coach is betting that the city’s geography and a close-knit youth sports community will combine to create a solid return on his recent investment, a long-vacant property off Bailey Avenue known as the Granger sheep sheds.

Stonemetz purchased the 18.34-acre property — mostly unoccupied for the past 50 years — in early June with visions of establishing a destination for young athletes from Yakima to the Tri-Cities and beyond.

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